The South of England Mental Health Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Collaborative

The Brief

The South of England Mental Health Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Collaborative connects 16 mental health NHS Trusts from the South of England, the collaborative supports the member organisations to make improvements to quality in mental health care.

They required support to develop a marketing strategy and communications plan that would help them to deliver their organisational objectives

The Approach

The first step was to understand the collaborative’s objectives, the barriers to delivering these and the role marketing could play in supported successful delivery.

The collaborative’s work to date had focused on the innovation and establishing the evidence base, sharing learning and spreading the positive impact that the changes bring to patients across the country.

Although a logo and website had been developed no marketing had been carried out and there was a need for coordinated planned activity.

The Collaborative was clear that it wanted to communicate more effectively with it’s partners and gain publicity for their collective as well as individual achievements. The primary driver being to spread new learning and advances across the country to benefit patients.

An important byproduct being that this also creates an awareness of the effectiveness of the collaborative approach to influence future partners, key influencers and funders.

One of the more unusual challenges was that The Safety Collaborative does not exist in its own right, it is not a business, it is an initiative. This meant that in order for it to communicate the joint achievements and attract support for these it was even more reliant on establishing an identity to which it could apply it’s Marketing strategy.

CleeCo worked with the collaborative to build a brand and translate this into a marketing strategy and communications plan that made sense to a team without marketing expertise and was realistic for them to deliver with the resources available.

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The Outcome

CleeCo and the collaborative worked together to maximize the benefits of the assets they had in place. Taking the logo that was created to give the website an identity and developing this into a rounded robust brand that had meaning.

Work was undertaken in conjunction with members to establish an integrated and co-ordinated communications strategy which reflected the objectives of the collaborative.
The brand has made a good start on building a tangible representation and common visible link. This has already made it easier to identify the collaborative’s activity and signpost engage opportunities. This has in turn allowed them to be more effective in informing and influencing others through their collective body of work.

There is now a co-ordinated framework, of the brand and it’s communications – critically saying the ‘right things to the right people at the right time’.

The Client Experience

We are clinicians, not marketing people but we knew we needed to communicate our work more effectively, the benefits are too important not to. CleeCo has made marketing make sense and taken us step by step through the process so we understand the strategy. It is very much a working plan not another document on the shelf. As a small team this is really important, as we will need to deliver most of it ourselves, so it is critical that we own it and have faith in it. CleeCo has ensured we have the knowledge and confidence to deliver the progress we need. From advising on strategic challenges to explaining production options nothing was too much trouble.

Heather Pritchard Programme Lead

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