Kingfisher Treasure Seekers

The Brief

Kingfisher Treasure Seekers is an organisation set up to enhance the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people, believing that all people have something valuable to contribute to community. They are a small charity that offers a ‘wrap around’ approach of service delivery that equips and enables individuals to develop in their soft and social skills.

As is the case with many small charity organisations their growth had been driven by a sense of social purpose and as they achieved this the need to build in business structure such as a strategy and marketing plans suddenly became urgent.

CleeCo started working with Kingfisher Treasure Seekers in 2015 coaching their development as a senior team leading to the production of key business plans.

The Approach

The starting point was to understand the business and tackle the challenge of presenting the product in a way that showed outcomes rather than a confusingly huge array of activities. Working together we reviewed the products and the outcomes they delivered aligning these to the needs of different commissioners.

This was followed by a review of the markets available and fit with these against skills, capacity and values. There was also a review of the different income streams and risks associated with these leading to a strategic position for future new business activity.

The final phase looked at internal processes, risks and risk management. This included HR risks in general and specific to the work being sought such as TUPE. Succession planning, assessment of skills requirement and acquisition of theses.

The Outcome

CleeCo supported the senior team to sharpen the mission, vision and values to give clearer focus and communication potential. They were able to define outcomes and evidence a tangible value to the services they deliver alongside the anecdotal evidence that had previously relied upon.

The core elements of a business development strategy were defined with a clear range of products specified in a structure that allowed Kingfishers to communicate what they did more effectively. A strategic view of current and potential markets was formed alongside initial plans on routes to those markets.

Risks were identified and steps put in place to begin to manage these as the business grows. CleeCo completed this project equipping the senior team with knowledge and confidence to make all of these changes themselves and to build on the process they have started going forward.

The Client Experience

CleeCo has utterly transformed our business. From enabling us to more clearly define our marketing strategy which had been communicating a confused message, to looking at diversifying and developing our potential markets. Each session with CleeCo has left us inspired, deeply challenged and most of all, with a sense that we had taken huge steps forward in our business development. We can’t thank CleeCo enough for the amazing support and think it has propelled our business forward in ways would could not have imagined.


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