Co-operative Healthcare

The Brief

Mid counties Co-operative Healthcare required a strategic review of Health and Social Care service opportunities for the Elderly. This was driven by the need to identify potential opportunities in the market where Co-operative Healthcare can contribute to supporting the wellbeing of the communities they work in.

Changes being introduced by the government were creating new opportunities for organisations to offer health and social care services in their communities. This was an area that fitted well for the Society, given the skills and expertise that were already present, and the underpinning community based values.

Any resulting strategy and proposition needed to match the values and principles of Midcounties Co-operative, comply with the Healthcare Charter and make better use of current assets and community strengths.

The Approach

The brief formed two distinct sections:

Define a strategy for the Healthcare Group relating to a wider Health and Social Care agenda rather than simply delivering Pharmacy services

Translate the strategy into tangible actions including:

  • Building a relationship network with key commissioners and people of influence in core trading area.
  • Create service proposals that address the Health and Care needs of the targeted populations
  • Test these proposals with key stakeholders
  • Test commissioning appetite

The objective being to produce a strategic document that would inform the strategy presented to the Board of Directors.

CleeCo worked directly with the Group General Manager and senior managers within specialist service areas to review potential opportunities and test the viability of new proposals.

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The Outcome

The work led to a set of 7 potential areas of interest to the Co-operative ranging from expansion of current services, the creation of a hybrid of existing offers, to a completely new service launch.

In each case the suggested service offer was outlined alongside risk and benefits to be considered. Barriers to entry were identified, as were potential funding streams. Each suggestion was rated against the strength of fit with the Co-operatives values and existing skills and expertise.

The final strategic document listed the 3 strongest options with the addition of risks and possible mitigation of these. Initial market research was undertaken and summarised to give an indication of market interest and early actions required to explore these options further.

When presented to the Board of Directors as part of the strategic review, the report was well received and gave a valuable insight into the opportunities within this sector.

The Client Experience

Sarah is very easy to work with, bringing much passion and enthusiasm throughout the project. Sarah’s professionalism and desire to deliver a high quality piece of work within tight timescales, was evident from start to finish.

Sarah has vast experience and knowledge on this subject matter and worked well with various members of the Healthcare team to clearly understand the challenges now and in the future, to be able to provide possibilities that were tangible and measurable.

Sarah is hugely credible and a valuable resource for anyone looking for a high level piece of work with clear recommendations and next steps defined.

Rad Sofronijevic General Manager (Interim)

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