Bromford Virtual Events

The Brief

To find a way to enable 2000 colleagues in a 24/7 business across 15 different counties to access communications that made them feel like one team and have access to the same information in a timely manner.

The Approach

With colleagues working different shifts, some being home based, some office and others mobile it was clear that the solution needed to be ultimately flexible. Technology was going to be key to the delivery and a strong planning relationship with the IT team was established as a priority.

The communication needed to feel personal, not just talking heads, it needed real interaction and personality. The plan was to work with the Organisational Development lead to integrate content with current work and develop new ideas together.

The Outcome

A set of virtual internal comms events. Quarterly business updates live streamed to the business with, real time Q&A and voting to give a sense of being in a shared space and conversation. Follow up information and discussions on the intranet to kep conversations and actions flowing. Recorded sessions available for colleagues that could not join live with a Q&A option and voting to ensure their views were counted.

A virtual business breakfast to celebrate the first day of a newly merged business. Colleagues came together in groups they defined and tuned in from more than 40 different locations for a breakfast TV broadcast. Breakfast boxes were sent ahead with goodies such as muffins, fruit and fruit juice. A special newspaper was created and sent along with celebration bunting. As the event was in progress colleagues uploaded images and short videos to share live on the broadcast.

The Client Experience



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