Bromford Merger Events

The Brief

To deliver a range of events for the business; colleague conference for 2000, manager briefing/training biannual events 400 people, monthly colleague briefing 2000 people, celebratory summer party 4 events for 500 people, merger celebration event 2000 people.

The Approach

With a merger bringing 3 businesses together and a new CEO, the starting point was to define the key objectives for the business and reinforce the stabilising elements. The consistency of the purpose of the business which had not altered was important to remain central during a period of extreme change.

Time was taken to work with the senior team and colleague engagement group to ensure there was a clear understanding of what the employee brand was to be ensuring it was reflected in events.

Care was also taken to work with the new and outgoing CEO to balance their roles. This was done whilst enabling the new CEO to transition in a style they were comfortable with and therefore able to maintain. Launched by a conference designed to bring everyone together as one new team with content written and produced with staff.

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The Outcome

A new set of internal comms events were design and delivered. This establishing a new way for colleagues to retain contact with senior managers despite the size of the new business making face to face contact much
more difficult.

Colleagues had previously reported not recognising senior managers and not having an opportunity to speak to them. After the plan had been in place for 6 months colleagues were registering an improvement of 80%.

The senior team were receiving improved feedback and were able to demonstrate acting on that in all instances.

The Client Experience

Just wanted to say a massive well done to you and your team … you pulled off a really great event today …

Thought it had a great feel, all the sessions flowed well into each other and there was lots of engagement in the room. I wanted also to thank you for your patience …

I know it’s not helpful people doing things at the last minute … like me…. and you accommodating this is hugely appreciated. ​

Helena Moore Director of People

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