Bromford Internal Communication, Employer Brand

The Brief

CleeCo was asked to provide interim support to Bromford while their Head of Communications was seconded to a full time internal project. During our work with the people team, it was identified that the employee brand was no longer as good a fit as it could be.  We joined forces with the People Team to review the entire employee journey and create an employee brand that truly reflected their DNA.



The Approach

The people team had already completed an extensive consultation with the business to understand what made Bromford the place it was to work in. What it was that colleagues saw as special, important, different and the words they thought best reflected that.

Working with the People Team we created a working group to take apart the entire employee journey, asking if there was a better way to do all that we did, from recruitment and onboarding to, appraisals, disciplinaries, carer support, training, rewards, etc. This fed into a recommended action plan to combine effective communications with actions that reflected the words, ready for board approval.

The Outcome

A complete review and where necessary, a change in the way colleague interactions were managed. They moved from a parent child approach to an adult partnership style. The employee brand was redefined and redesigned, and a new recruitment campaign launched alongside the revised recruiting process. 




New colleague engagement tools were created to ensure the process was inseparable from the behaviours to support colleagues in learning what it meant to truly live the brand.



The Client Experience

An employer brand was a concept some of the senior team struggled with to begin with. Sarah worked seamlessly with my team to help them understand the importance of it and develop a deeper understanding of what it would require of them to make it really work. She identified individuals in both teams who could add something more to the plans allowing them to really shine. The result was a really strong brand that is being fully adopted.

Helena Moore
Director of  People Experience

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