Bromford Interim Support Change Communication

The Brief

CleeCo was asked to provide interim support to Bromford while their Head of Communications was seconded to a full time internal project. One of the main requirements was to lead the internal team in devising and delivering a communications plan that would work alongside a major change programme. The business was removing all of the inherited and organically grown systems and processes, and going back to the drawing board to create one system that reflected best practice, whilst increasing efficiency and enabling colleagues to focus on the actions where they could add real value for customers. 



The Approach

This was a major 5 year undertaking with no process or system being left untouched. The starting point was to create a clear vision of the future and gain the support of 2000 colleagues in working towards this. The vision for the future was of course much bigger than the change programme which is why we started with reviewing values and the vision and challenged ourselves in how well we lived these.


As the change programme was rolled out colleagues would be asked to learn new processes, change old habits, learn new skill, take on extra work to prepare for handover to new systems and commit time to informing the design of new systems.


This was a big ask and it was essential that colleagues really believed that the end result was worth the effort. This was why we worked with the people team on all touch points for colleagues alongside the organisational development plans to ensure they were all integrated and aligned with the change programme. 


Our approach was to be clear and committed to our end goal, open and honest about the challenge ahead and share achievements and problems equally because nothing in this plan could be achieved solo.


The Outcome


A clear change communications plan including:

·       Updates and tool kits for managers to prepare teams for operational changes 

·       updates for colleagues on all changes and general progress

·       specific updates for colleagues directly affected by a change

·       customer communications as roll out affected their contact channels

·       colleague and customer focus and feedback groups

·       quarterly briefings from the executive team

·       thank you events to celebrate success with colleagues and acknowledge their contribution was highly valued


The Client Experience

As with any major transformation this was ambitious and challenging.  Added to this were wider organisational changes and this context brought an additional layer of complexity. As well as the communications expertise and experience that Sarah applied, the project required agility, flexibility, resilience and an exceptional capability to work with senior colleagues which she ably applied’.


Helena Moore

Director of  People Experience

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