Crisis Management

Bespoke Training for Boards and Senior Management

Crisis come in all shapes and sizes, they are frequently unexpected and can paralyse and damage a business, or can show the business at its best, sustaining and even enhancing its reputation and success.  So what makes the difference? Planning proportionately for the unforeseen.

At CleeCo we have over 25 years of experience in ensuring that when the unexpected happens YOU and your business have a well thought through plan and that you are confident and competent to enact this.

From natural disasters, gas explosions, cyber attacks and major Health and Safety incidents, we have the experience to ensure you and your team are prepared.

Our Crisis Management Training creates a safe and confidential space and utilises our expertise alongside yours to ensure that:

  • They have the right emergency procedures
  • That their staff are appropriately trained and competent
  • They have a business continuity plan
  • They have a stakeholder management plan ready
  • They know how to deal with the media effectively

Our expertise enables us to rapidly assess both the strengths in your existing arrangements as well as any gaps in your awareness and planning. Training and preparation is then focussed accordingly.  

Because nothing demonstrates your brand in action more than how you train and support your team.

Our bespoke, confidential, proportionate training utilises our expertise alongside yours to quickly and effectively ensure that 

For more information on a bespoke piece of crisis management training delivered for a major international manufacturer, reviewing how prepared they were for a crisis, testing the theory and identifying the gaps and how to fill them, please contact We will be happy to provide further information, discuss your specific business and provide details of how we will co-design a bespoke training package proportionate to your needs.